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Blueberry Wine


(3 customer reviews)

Silver Medal Winner, San Francisco Chronicle Wine Competition 2016



This sweet fruit wine is clean and refreshing offering a sensation of eating fresh blueberries.

Reviews (3)

3 reviews for Blueberry Wine

  1. Allie Rosales

    I was at a wedding this past weekend and I am by no means a wine drinker cause I haven’t ever been able to find a wine I like. I normally don’t like wines because of the “dryness” or the “after taste” but this had neither it was AMAZING!!!
    The Blueberry was a WOW for me. If someone hadn’t told me it was wine (after the fact that I took at sip of it and was 4 cups into it) I would have never believed them. It was sweet and almost like I was drinking grape juice (but with a blueberry flavor). Needless to say it was SO GOOD I made them bring me the bottle to take a picture of and well I drank the whole bottle. Yep there is defiantly alcohol in it LOL.
    I can’t wait to come visit and do a wine tasting now in hopes to find more that I like.

  2. Alicia Lyons

    For a long time Flat Rock Red was my favorite, then I decided to try the blueberry and I haven’t went back. I even give them out as gifts every year!

  3. Vickie Garvin

    A new Favorite. This wine is Perfect. Just perfect

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