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For over 35 years, Smith-Berry has been there for you

Our Farm

In 1981 we purchased 180-acres in rural Henry County. Like many farmers our dedication and desire to stay on the land has driven us to implement a variety of farming ventures. Over the past 35 years, each new venture was designed to be profitable both monetarily and emotionally.

We started out milking a dairy herd and growing Burley tobacco. Other products have included a combination of direct sales of free range chicken, turkeys, vegetables and beef.

We are still farmers. We raise pasture beef cattle and hay crops without chemicals, antibiotics or growth hormones. We also raise vegetables for ourselves and for our events. We have replaced tobacco with grape growing and wine making.

Smith-Berry Vineyard and Winery builds on the relationship we started twenty five years ago with customers picking up vegetables and chickens at our farm. Many of those customers are still our customers, coming to concerts and purchasing wine. They are not just our customers they are our friends.

About Chuck

Chuck Smith has lived in Henry County his whole life growing up on his family’s Dairy and Tobacco farm 4 miles away. Chuck purchased this property in the early 80’s to continue with his family’s history of dairy cows and Kentucky grown tobacco. In 2000 Chuck was looking for other ways to use his beautiful and fertile 180 acres. Knowing that grape growing and wine making has a long history in the area he starting learning the process, an internship at a big California Winery and classes in UC Davis’s Viticulture Program sealed the deal. He planted grapes where tobacco once grew, turned the dairy barn into a winery, the buggy shed into the tasting room and the tobacco barn into an event space, he was ready to open to the public and sell his first bottles in August 2002. You will still see cattle on the farm today along with one Donkey named Stevie that get rotated to fresh pasture every few days including the vineyard where they do a great job of fertilizing the grapes.

Photos From the Farm