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The Winery

Smith-Berry Vineyard and Winery builds on the relationship we started twenty five years ago with customers picking up vegetables and chickens at our farm. Many of those customers are still our customers, coming to concerts and purchasing wine. They are not just our customers they are our friends

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Dry Red Wine

The Smith-Berry dry red wines are aged at least 5 years, first in stainless steel and then aged in either American or French Oak while never being filtered. The Cabernet Sauvignon and Zinfandel won the Bronze Medal in the San Francisco Chronicle Wine Competition while Brother John won the Silver Medal.

Dry White Wine

Our dry white whites are aged at least 2 years in stainless steel and are never filtered. The Smith-Berry Chardonnay is aged in American Oak and has won the Silver Medal as part of the San Francisco Chronicle Wine Competition.

Sweet Wines

Our sweet wines are fermented to dry then sweetened, always aged in stainless steel and never filtered.